'Together Making Celbridge Better'


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Thursday the 16th of February 2017, 8pm in Celbridge Manor Hotel
With increased robberies and other such thefts happening in and around our towns the Celbridge Business Association (CBA) arranged an informative meeting on how best to prevent theft from your property at the Celbridge Manor Hotel in February. It was primarily presented for the businesses but as residents there are many things that we can do to prevent would be burglars. Suggestions by the four man team from the Kildare division included use of panic alarms, criss-crossing of CCTV, personal panic alarms and good lighting on your premises.
The vocal audience at the meeting requested more of a Garda presence on the streets of Celbridge saying that it is now the largest town in Kildare with over 22,000 people. The superintendent also suggested that we apply more pressure on our local representatives for an increased Garda
Five new Garda were announced for Celbridge Garda Station at the meeting.

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Pictured are Sergeant Jack Swan, Superintendent Gerry Wall, Garda Chris Fallon and Sergeant George Doherty at Crime Prevention meeting.

cba 2

Frank O’ Rourke TD with Superintendent Gerry Wall


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